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April 1st, 2021

Best practices for cookie notices, by @katiehempenius: Probably the most complete guide you can read on this topic! 🍪

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@bramus @ebidel @ChromiumDev Yeah, thanks for digging! So my suspicion was correct. Starring the bug. ⭐️

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@bramus @ebidel @ChromiumDev I think this is not yet implemented, the explainer talks about the fact that “the API may” here:

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RT @UriShaked: My IRL Chrome T-Rex game now doubles as a decorative clock in our living room! 🦖⏰

Source code for the clock (JS): https://t…

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@UriShaked @reillyeon Wow, this looks super beautiful! 🤩 I would attend a conference where this were the swag!

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@bramus @ebidel @ChromiumDev It works perfectly fine for me with the `chrome://flags/-transition` flag set while using Chrome Canary version 91.0.4464.5 (Official Build) canary (x86_64). Nice work by the way! :-)

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@jeffposnick @DasSurma Jeffy, since your first language is English, would you intuitively say “will be” or “going to”?

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@ebidel @ChromiumDev Don’t forget to set the `chrome://flags/-transition` flag!

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@reillyeon Is it skeuomorphism that this thing simulates LCD clock numbers when it could draw perfectly round numbers? For the “documenting this” part: @UriShaked has written a couple of really good guides, e.g.,

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@DotProto Nope. It’s also impossible to base64-encode the service worker script as a data URL, which works with regular web workers: This is so you can’t shoot yourself in the foot and end up with a never-updating service work

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@DasSurma Now I’m geeking out if it should be “Who’s going to be a millionaire?” or rather “Who’ll be a millionaire?”. Instinctively I’d say “will be”, since it’s an unpredictable guess. English is hard! FWIW the “will be” varian

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@miketaylr I wouldn’t be surprised if this were used for fingerprinting somehow.

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Chrome update gamification idea for @alexainslie: with each Chrome update you apply, you unlock a new background image on the new tab page or a new game on `chrome://apps` (sourced from Fixed security issues aren’t visible to r

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Using container queries today summarized by @piccalilli_: “Notice that when you looked at the demos in a non-supporting browser, they looked fine? That’s progressive enhancement in action giving everyone a good experience and where support is availabl

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