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April 13th, 2021

@nhoizey @yoavweiss @jaffathecake The mobile app needs to open the photo TAN app… At least now the mobile app can read the photo TAN without requiring a second device.

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ricmac New @webdevhistory post 👉 1995: PHP Quietly Launches as a CGI Scripts Toolset.

If CGI scripts were the start of interactive programming on the web, then @rasmus’ PHP Tools was the natural next step. Tho it wasn’t a scripting language to begin with.…

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@yoavweiss @jaffathecake It’s like a PIN code for the credit card and a login password for the online banking.

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@yoavweiss @jaffathecake It’s something something EU law. For my bank in Germany it’s a login code (separate from my actual login password) paired with an OTP that comes via SMS. But also a weird iframe that I know to trust when the form fields look l

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Come for the intro, and, erm, stay for the intro. @petele presenting what’s new in Chrome 90 in style. ⤵️…

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shadeed9 ✍️ New Article: Say Hello To CSS Container Queries

I wrote about CSS container queries, how they work, why to use them, with use-cases and examples. I enjoyed learning and writing about them. Happy reading!


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Why some developers are avoiding app store headaches by going Web-only:…

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Thanks to @rachelandrew we now have early stage documentation over on @MozDevNet for Container Queries:…. It’s a moving target, but great to have documentation already now. 👏…

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DasSurma 📝New blog post 🎉

Is WebAssembly magic performance pixie dust✨? Can you replace JavaScript with Wasm and things get faster?

➡️ JS to AssemblyScript
➡️ Benchmarking & Profiling
➡️ Debugging the runtime
➡️ Comparing file size
➡️ also feat Rust & C++


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torgo Good to see this getting some coverage. Full support for inclusive naming. “The Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing”…

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@pbakaus @WebCreators If blogs overdo it with the paid content (“insane deals” I may not miss etc.), I am oftentimes tempted to unsubscribe, despite some nuggets that I might miss. So for your other question: a different financial model to make conten

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@hashim_warren @jbrancha @wesbos Microsoft’s, Intel’s, Samsung’s, and Google’s effort. 😃

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@christianliebel @rick_viscomi 👏 Brilliant answer. Just adding that the suggestion will silently be ignored on non-supporting browsers.

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