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April 28th, 2021

@jyasskin @blaine @slightlylate Whaaat? Come on, @Bitly, don’t ruin the fun! This really isn’t a harmful URL, and stuff like this waters down the warning message for actually harmful URLs.

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@blaine @slightlylate 🤫 Shh! It’s in the works. We call it `WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.grab()`. Read more about it in the explainer:

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@Jan_Ainali @WikiLiveMon @wikidata It’s probably a poor consolation, but the paper is still up:…. And so is the source code:….

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@Jan_Ainali @WikiLiveMon Meh, yes. The code needs updating, Heroku have axed support for the long outdated Node.js version this was created for. I need to update it. Some time.

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glitch In addition to a refresh of our static website and Node app starters (hello, @fastifyjs!), we’re improving our FREE static sites to support generated static sites - including brand new @reactjs + @vite_js and @eleven_ty starters. Try them out today:

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@piccalilli_ Congratulations on making the Web less boring in an agency; an agency that is yours 😃!

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@addyosmani @shadeed9 Congratulations on the book launch! 🍾

(I realized now is a redirect to Not sure if related, I still have the PWA installed. 😃)

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@schweinepriestr Oh, thank you. I was the one who asked CanIUse in a PR to change the URLs. I forgot that they left the original hash link unaltered.

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Read and write files with the File System Access API (see quoted tweet ⤵️). For maximum browser compatibility, check out the browser-fs-access support library:…. Browsers are awesome indeed. 🤩…

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Another useful tidbit by @stefanjudis: the `vector-effect: non-scaling-stroke` option for SVG scaling:… (Super intuitive demo, too!)

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@pastak We’re experimenting with persistent access. You can turn it on in chrome://flags by flipping the “Enable persistent access to the Font Access API” flag. There also is a “select all fonts” option in the current picker.

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thinktecture See how @christianliebel copies drawings from the -/-Paint clone to other applications and how to paste them back.🎨⬇️…

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