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April 29th, 2021

RT @TechThomas: Award-winning websites should honor the “reduce motion” preference: Many are affected by motion, ev…

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RT @barrd: Creating `prefers-color-scheme` in SVG favicons for dark mode icons. ✔️💌

h/t @tommcfarlin for his “thi…

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…And all sessions tagged “Web” really: 🤩

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💉 [Codelab & Workshop] A whirlwind tour through Project Fugu APIs:

💉 [Meetup] Progressing Progressive Web Apps:

💉 [Meetup] Project Fugu and you:

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💉 [Talk] Enable payments on your PWA with Play Billing using the Digital Goods API:

💉 [Talk] List your Progressive Web App in Google Play:

💉 [AMA] Progressive Web Applications and Fugu: https://t.

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🔢 The Google I/O (#GoogleIO) schedule is live! Here’s everything relevant to the Project Fugu 🐡 and Progressive Web App crowd:

💉 [Talk] Five tips for your PWA:

💉 [Talk] @Excalidraw and Fugu: Improving core user journe

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🤩 Interesting, there is a PR that would bring the #WebSocketStream API (see quoted tweet ⤵️) to @deno_land:

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@blaine @slightlylate If it consulates you, I desperately want `grab()` to become a reality, too. Rick Astley cheers me up, unless Bitley ruins the fun.

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@samthor Where’s the 🔥 emoji reaction button on Twitter?

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@mikewest @matthewcp @paul_irish @TheRealNooshu @zachleat @mathias Thanks for the pointer to the DOM clobbering Issue, subscribed to it. Yeah, it’s definitely not something we can kill, but creating a way for opting out sounds like a reasonable thing to

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Sites are included in the FLoC origin trial (i) if they are detected as using ads-related resources or (ii) use the FLoC API (`await document.interestCohort()`).
Case (ii) is easy to determine. Case (i), too, if you know how. @rowan_m explains the steps i

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@passle_ Maybe @jeffposnick has anecdotes to share from the @workboxjs community!?

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@JoshMarantz @Justinwillis96 @rauschma The API (under its old name) was reviewed by the @w3ctag; and in the consensus was that the TAG “would love to see the developers start using this”. The spec is still actively being worked

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@AndrewWHacks @slightlylate We offer a library that falls back to the legacy methods transparently if there’s no support: Here’s the @webkit bug where I ask for the feature: 🤞

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@matthewcp @paul_irish @TheRealNooshu @zachleat @mikewest @mathias How am I the first and so far only person to like this tweet? The entire code golf scene (that I’m definitely not part of unfortunately) should like this. 😂

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