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April 20th, 2021

@buildWithLit @polymerLibrary The first viral activity of @buildWithLit can be to feature projects . Irregular verbs FTW!

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@jordaust _Very_ exciting place to be at right now, so much web hotness. Congratulations! 🎈

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RT @Coil: Today, we are bringing Web Monetization to Samsung Internet.

Galaxy users can now enable Coil in the Samsung Browser to activate…

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RT @twifkak: I helped build the Google SXG Cache. If you publish web pages, I think it’s worth a look, regardless of what you think of the…

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RT @ddprrt: The tempting legibility of Comic Mono…


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@nicobytes @ArsSteven Supported on Android (and iOS 14.5 betas by the way).

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@DotProto @samthor If only had I known this in 2012: I have learned to rely on StackSort ever since. Working on getting it into third_party/ at Google. Will use this thread as evidence why it’s needed.

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A helpful thread by @Log3overLog2 from the Google FLoC team in which he debunks some of the misconceptions people have about FLoC. No, the browser does _not_ use every. single. page. that you visit to calculate your cohort.

(Disclosure: Initially, I misu

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@kennethrohde I guess they settled for the smallest common denominator as to not give other platforms an advantage. (My understanding is that network play will be allowed across platforms.)

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@kennethrohde It can only be via Gamepad API ( I wonder if in the long term this will mean the Android apps will become wrappers of the iOS Web experience (or even vanish and set fully on PWA), or if companies maintain the differe

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