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July 25th, 2016

jeffposnick Keep Google Analytics working, even when your web app is offline:…

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zeynep Instead of “AKP emails”, Wikileaks dumped private info of ALMOST EVERY WOMAN in Turkey Yes.…

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The academic travel ban-@RT_Erdogann—is a shame! The RT in the Twitter handle stands for ReTweet, so the world…5R

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WebKit to finally allow muted autoplaying inline video, as animated GIF is the possibly worst video codec…3r

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Apart from everything is awesome & tremendous corp speak, the core bit is that @marissamayer is “planning to stay”.…

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TL;DR for change <content>→<slot> needed, but @shadow_hayato’s v0→v1 Shadow DOM doc is top:….…

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How SOASTA & Google used Machine Learning to Predict Bounce Rate & Conversions…

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