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June 17th, 2014

Probably the best feature in 8 beta 2: no auto-jump to App Store:…. Put the user first!

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Pleased that my extended “Bots vs. Wikipedians, Anons vs. Logged-Ins (Redux)” paper got accepted to :

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Yahoo! workforce :…. Also: ethnicity is a hard word to spell right. Ehniticy Ehnicity

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~RT @ebidel: Interacting w/ (Google) services using nothing but HTML // . CC: @pchampin @yprie

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paul_irish Use `debug(fn)` in your console to break inside functions.…

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iswc2014 call for Semantic Web Challenge is out!!!…

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~RT @mediagalleries:… Gallery Ukrainians take their “Putin khuilo!” (P’s a d*head) to Wikipedia

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~RT @olafhartig: [A]n alternative, more user-friendly approach to reification // Also see…

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