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January 15th, 2013

launch & social network multimedia reactions as seen by (aggressive clustering):

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The most burning question after today’s Graph Search launch was intentionally left open: what happens if you type “Facebook” into Facebook?

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Probably the best story you’ll read on ’s gig today comes from ’s @StevenLevy:

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@xavigiro WRT, have you seen Demo at Streaming video->different challenges.

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@RubenVerborgh Sounds nice in theory, but then come the “your password must contain at least” & “at max” & “be the square root of” rules.

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ndiakopoulos Word breaking API can help with delineating individual words in mashed up hashtags:

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vrandezo Wikidata switching on on Hungarian:… — and the first edit on Hungarian:…

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Vjeux New blog article: the basic maths behind adapting an image to a viewport…

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