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August 17th, 2009

Just had some beschuit met muisjes In NL when you have a baby boy, theye’re blue, else rose:

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@jos_tweets Get Alice DSL, dude! Cable Internet for some reason never works reliably here (tried DE+FR). Let me refer you & get free months!

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No, I don’t envy you, smart attorney guys w/ your Dell laptops & olderish BlackBerries. Thanks Google for my MacBook, iPhone & the non-tie.

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Amsterdam today.Hagelslag for @jos_tweets, meetings for me. Engineering review prep in the evening. Dont tell’em I drink Heineken for it ;-)

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@eternalstorms Don’t take unreflected criticism personally! I love GimmeSomeTune! Let them idiots rant…

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Painful experience w/ Google Docs (Presently). No connectors, object grouping. W/ all due respect for Canvas magic, Web apps = long way 2 go

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@nelson LOL. Great AT&T fail story! G3 reliably works in most of Europe. You could replace home DSL & live w/ G3 actually. Some already do.

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dates for 2009 have been published: Prague: Nov 6. Moscow: Nov 10. Period. No DE, FR, UK, ES, IT.

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Installed Five Column SpringBoard bc I had too many icons. Now can’t uninstall it bc I’ve too many icons. Apple, pls fix SpringBoard

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Any1 any experience w/ and/or (Germany) policy regarding no longer working home buttons? Repair? Replace? Guarantee?

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What do you do for recreation? - Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback. Erm, scratch that. PowerPointing now.

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@sixtus42 Should get a Wave account soon. Put you on the waiting list with priority boarding enabled ;-)

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Them Dutch guys: RT @jos_tweets:RT @hessam:Just stumbled over yellowBird - freakin fantastic: - Additionally, it’s Dutch

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