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July 28th, 2010

@mikepinkerton Turn it upside down, scroll the wheel in all directions, turn it back upside up, slightly press the ball & blow in. Helped?

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manusporny RDFa Profile (new feature in RDFa 1.1) at -> concise markup /via @mfhepp

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stroughtonsmith Awesome workaround to stop your iPhone app looking terrible on the Retina Display without redoing all your art:…

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Please DO use (eg) , make your website a great DATA source & as you’re at it, #SEO guide’s here [PDF]

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I’ve absolutely NO inside knowledge of our search tech, just would like to remind: correlation doesn’t imply causation.

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Mixed feelings about the strong focus in the argumentation line for @mfhepp’s (his & others). Disclaimer: me a Googler.

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RT @stilkov: RT @mittie: Adobe acquires Day Software for 250M$! >So Roy T. Fielding (@fielding) now works for the guys who brought us Flash?

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RT @iand: I made a summary of data incubator projects

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@eturner303 Thx! is on my list of services I wanna give a try. Happened to start w/ . Working down

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@sumitsshah Thanks. With regards to the “soon to be”, do you have any more insights? (Do you work for ?)

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