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December 2nd, 2010

@tcurdt Not yet ;-) But this is super impressive IMHO (commercial):

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@kerfors You’re Swedish, right? So I guess you can simply tether your 4G cell connection to your laptop :D Envy your network infrastructure!

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@aemkei Nice initiative. Thanks for pushing it! Just reported “Leerstand” in our building.

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@kerfors It’s Flash, no luck on iPhone. Not sure why it wouldnt work on a laptop, tho, given that Flash’s installed & up-to-da2010

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European Semantic Technology Conference 2010 () live stream: (via @anjeve)

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@Shonzilla Thanks :-) Downloading! Was my favorite PC game powered by my good ol’ 3dfx Voodoo 2…

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smart mute - best Gmail Labs feature ever! Finally a mute that works. Take this, “Reply All”:

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