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March 2nd, 2011

@jbuckhouse There are indeed some Chrome extensions that convert @ xyz into the Twitter link. Annoying false positives (eg attributes) tho.

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@juansequeda I found this Wiki LaTeX book in combination w/ a Guru in chat-width very helpful. Plus good customized templates (LNCS & ACM).

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@juansequeda It wasn’t 8 years for me, but plenty too much. Learning (at least the basics of) already paid off. \cite, \ref, \section

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RWW A white iPad will be available on day one. It also comes with a unicorn!

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: Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space by @tommyh & C. Bizer’s now online at (@danjaa@johnbreslinslin)

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@ivan_herman Yay! Excited :-) Working on visa paperwork already…

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@joshelman @jbuckhouse Hope you take it w/ the twinkling eye this extension is written with ;-) Had a lot of fun w/ Twitter recently.

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@IPopov You are very welcome ;-) Had some fun w/ Twitter recently…

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@lzxR Thanks! Happy you liked it. Maybe they’ll change the wording, and make the extension superfluous ;-)

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@grok_ @mikezwahlen Grammar nazi? I was just having fun w/ Twitter, the whole extension is one big twinkling smiley ;-) Dont take it serious

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@rtroncy @arnaudbrousseau Thanks, @rtroncy for sending @arnaudbrousseau. The office loves him already for what he will work on ;-)

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@steipete Danke, freut mich, dass es dir gefällt ;-)

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@dvdeurse Thanks. Me, too, I really liked the way we worked together, albeit the LDOW reviewers had some very harsh comments. Next time :-)

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Bad news: paper rejected. Good news: paper accepted. Yeeehaaw, going to ! //CC:@rtroncy @dvdeurse @algermissen

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Was proactively contacted by @andraz () & offered a free quota increase as my Twitter Swarm NLP extension causes some API traffic :D

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