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March 16th, 2012

I’m not a newsletter person, but I read weekly w/ great joy, especially in busy weeks their summary is +1:

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@pablomendes This is great news! Congratulations to the team! Let me know how I can help.

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RT @fbase: Want to spend the summer adding Freebase data to Spotlight? Get ready for Summer of Code 2012

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@rtroncy @RubenVerborgh @pchampin The HEROES are the orgs of , , . THX! I’m the bugger who messes the schedule.

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@grindcrank Leute wie ich, die das noch auf eiriger Platte vom Flohmarkt haben. Wir sollten uns mal im echten Leben treffen & Musik hören :D

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@milstan @fabien_gandon Who doesn’t? It’s also known as the ReTweetVanitySuffix™.

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@grindcrank Die Quintessenz deines Tweets ist ja, ob das eine Anspielung auf die Ärzte war:

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It’s Developers track & Demos & Poster track review day. Mixed feelings. Good thing: my reviews agree w/ others’ reviews.

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@jerem Welcome, and congratulations to your new endeavor!

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