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August 17th, 2012

@juansequeda @rtroncy +1 for South America. Or Eastern Europe. #ISWC2012

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RT @mahemoff: FWIW I quite like // +1. Hope they keep the esprit…

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@bengee This is a question for Mr. @alexmilowski :-)

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@juansequeda Ouch indeed. Was it that high in previous years as well? Can’t remember. //

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Done w/ , , reviews ( workshops). Good agreement w/ other reviewers so far. One journal to go.

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@bengee Not RDF/XML, but @antoniogarrote’s Store for might be a good (and maintained!) starting point:

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Interpreting some of #Twitter’s API changes: Ouch, that’s bad upcoming news for dev.-s. (via @rtroncy > @RubenVerborgh)

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Replying to myself > Re: #nodeJS hosting options: curated by @ryah himself. Anyone experiences w/ #Heroku?

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Now that the service gets retired for good, what are my free hosting options out there? TIA, .

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@arnaudbrousseau Yepp, also hit by this :-( Your subdomain was awesome indeed…

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