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February 19th, 2013

Germany’s portal that apparently went live today greets me w/ 401 “Authorization required”:

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RT @hfmuehleisen: Now that’s a master’s thesis:
“The Quake III Arena Bot” by Jean Paul van Waveren (*He* built the bots in #Q3Arena!) …

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@scorlosquet Congratulations and good luck with the new endeavor!

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RT @dalmaer: “etagify, a Connect middleware that generates ETags on the fly by md5-ing outgoing response bodies.”

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RT @ldodds: I love reading these: Duke Nukem 3D Code Review

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@edsu Just sent you an email w/ the paper etc. Looking forward to your feedback (if you like). Cheers, Tom

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I haven’t seen cosine similarity (of texts) been explained clearer before: More of this, please!

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somebitsLinks Right Zoom for Mac: Fix the stupid green window button to do something consistent

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