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April 8th, 2013

@rtroncy This was from earlier that day, while he was in Germany: My depicted micro-event is from his dinner in AMS…

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Summary of μ-event of pro-gay #LGBT demo while #Putin dines at #Scheepvaartmuseum; #TomsPhD CC: @hfmuehleisen @nelson

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nicolastorzec Re-sharing Yahoo! Mail’s real-time data visualization:

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.@sympapadopoulos See preprints of our poster & paper, then await .

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Margaret Thatcher, the . Social media homage in her memory, via

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Live Monitor app goes crazy as Wikipedians update [[Margaret Thatcher]] articles (via @presroi)

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@stilkov Go fix your Web — (when I grow up, I’ll be an em dash)

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made history as page w/ the canceled <hgroup> tag: Also: expect paper notifications today! @RubenVerborgh

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@netlabsorg @nicolastorzec Let’s take this to the proper forum: has a “Contact Information” section. HTH. >CC: @fbase

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@netlabsorg @nicolastorzec Unsure if it is ‘cause “Google didn’t understand that part of RDF”… Your name suggests you speak de-CH: Sachzwang

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@nicolastorzec Strong +1 to that. From my experience, you hit the dereferencing issue w/ way smaller datasets already. Fundamental issue…

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RT @nicolastorzec: Parsing the new 90GB #Freebase RDF/Turtle dump is not the problem. Dereferencing its resources … is.

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