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June 20th, 2013

RT @pmika: Our SemSearch group @YahooLabs has officially released the open source version of Glimmer, our RDF search engine.…

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moustaki Yahoo! just released Glimmer - an Open Source RDF search engine built on top of Hadoop and MG4J -

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@dret Others would either look crap on mobile, struggle w/ non-valid feeds, or be not synced across devices. @feedly have improved a ton!

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@dret Tried them all, including hosting my own feed reader. @feedly is best. Finally they have a stand-alone version

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@mariadelmas They’re discovering gravity and parabolic trajectories. These mums raise the future physicists of America. Summa cum laude.

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Simple yet handy service to quickly convert entries to text (APA format), e.g., for slides:

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@prototypo Thanks :-) Yeah, I very much fear that a lot of work’s still ahead. These tiny tasks sound trivial, but they can sum upâ€hD

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@edsu Then you should s/In this paper I will discuss/In this paper we will discuss/ :-)

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Wrote the last(!) chapter of on a long train ride back from . Next: proofreading, shortening, consistency fixes, layout…

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