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August 14th, 2013

@rtroncy Can you put the boilerplate text somewhere public, so that others can copy & paste it, add their name, and start a revolution?

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@cygri @RubenVerborgh Check this code for the non-Flash way to do it, courtesy of @trello:…

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RubenVerborgh Kudos to @rtroncy for putting his name under a review so we can contact him for details. I think non-anonymity gives higher-quality reviews!

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@alexmilowski “[…] full headless browser” when all I need is a canvas ;-) But as I wrote earlier, it would’ve been my last resort.

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@alexmilowski Had thought of PhantomJS as last resort, but overhead would be huge. Meanwhile got node-canvas to work:…

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@Paul_Kinlan request.get({url:url,encoding:null},function(err,res,body){img.src=new Buffer(body,’binary’);}); The “encoding:null” fixed it.

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