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November 26th, 2014

stewsnooze @mahemoff no chance. Try . I use that on trains. Not perfect

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Created a simple live demo for my <polymer-ldf-client> @LDFragments @polymer Web Component:… Thanks @pietercolpaert :D

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This one for the iOS / OSX networking geek in you:…. WiFried kills Bonjour over AWDL, by @mariociabarra.

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From Facebook’s Data Science team: what we (Americans that is) are thankful for… No surprises, yet nice.

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Extract data from pages w/ Google Tag Manager—Slice & dice (via@aarangedd@sayfshariff)

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LDFragments Querying Linked Data in HTML5 has never been easier: via a simple tag, you can query in a streaming or polling way…

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@RubenVerborgh Five reviews, five times “2 (accept)”. That’s a first :-)

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RubenVerborgh Paper on disaster monitoring via Wikipedia and social media by @tomayac and me accepted for an AAAI Spring Symposium…

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@apassant Yepp, make the genres linkable: Cool app, besides, Germany’s GEMA :-(

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~RT @apassant: New @TwitterMusic experience 24 genres/tracks/hours. | +1! Bonus—save state w/…p

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First usable version of my @polymer @LDFragments Web Component:…. Supports streaming & polling. (CC: @RubenVerborgh)

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