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December 24th, 2015

@RubenVerborgh Last pointer before I STFU ;-) Ruby wrapper apparently lives here Merry Christmas :-)

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@RubenVerborgh But IE bug indeed. The spec is clear on the fact that it may be omitted… FWIW, savings IMHO aren’t worth the ambiguity peril.

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@RubenVerborgh A p elem’s end tag MAY (not should) be omitted if the p elem is immediately followed by an […] aside—

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@RubenVerborgh Also, why maintain your own when there is @kangax’s with customizable “minify aggressiveness”?

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@RubenVerborgh Always close them <p>-s and <li>-s :-)

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RT @Wikipedia: What happens when you search Wikipedia?

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@ReaderMeter @edsu @harej My has Wikidata (toggleable [is this a word?]) and works quite well on mobile as well.

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aaranged How to generate a Google Knowledge Panel without using the Knowledge Graph API when you know the Freebase MID -

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