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January 21st, 2016

@tomayac Hmmm, seems like is the working link, the blog post disappeared. (CC: @bsletten)

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J2ObjC released: Java-2-Objective-C compiler so that Android & iOS apps can share the same logic (excluding UI code)…

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mahemoff An email that evolves as you forward it by @HTeuMeuLeu. Genius hack based on mail services morphing the html…

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GundersenMarius I love this diagram in the WHATWG spec. It explains it much better than words could

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@denormalize Haven’t used Electron before & have no insights into how it handles sandboxing. Are you referring to…?

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ESnextNews Understand promises before you start using async/await… ^ar

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assaf Wrap any web page natively without even thinking, across Windows, OSX and Linux…

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@ReaderMeter Open collaboration FTW indeed. Detected several times by @mediagalleries too, 1st time here:…

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