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August 3rd, 2016

.@dret Issue is: the “App” in “Progressive Web App” is heavily overloaded w/ “install our app” crap, not “Web App”.

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❌Common Progressive Web App (PWA) misconception: many think that to get an app you need App Stores—the ‘A’ has way more weight than the ‘W’.

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@zackbloom 👋 Zack, thanks for your posts, learning so much from them! If you accept wishes, I’d love to read more about the history of MIME…

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The History of Email—Another fantastic post…K. Texting myself with “write” from ttys001 to ttys002 now…

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gauntface GCM endpoints can use web push protocol and Chrome supports VAPID in Version 52+…

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There’re only 10 hard things in CS: cache invalidation & naming things.—Agree for the former; need IndexedDB for

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DeanoHume Freshly blogged! How I built a progressive beer app…

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mathias More about timing attacks on the web:…

Scary demo by @tomvangoethem:…

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