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February 28th, 2017

karptonite .@awscloud Making your status page dependent on the service whose status the page is reporting—not the best idea in retrospect, I bet.

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RT @linclark: and in related WebAssembly news:

the 4 major browsers say WebAssembly is ready to be turned on-by-default…

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RT @addyosmani: Progressive Web App Libraries in Production - Service Worker, Web Push, Analytics libs & real-world…

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The 💷‍♀️ Service Worker Detector @GoogleChrome extension has learned a new trick: it now detects 🔃 Web manifests. 🙌

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@nolanlawson The obvious other target would be JS engines directly, but from what I read—in order to avoid a full parse—they string-match…

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RT @jaffathecake: Using service worker & background sync to reliably send messages when connectivity returns


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Very interesting IIFE optimization technique, but I’m definitely in the “shouldn’t this be Uglify’s job” camp:

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RT @ChromiumDev: The avg site takes 22 seconds to fully load on mobile - Find out where you stack up #webperf:

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hashseed Awesome. @ChromeDevTools experimentally offers code coverage.

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