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March 23rd, 2017

ChromiumDev 🔥 Fancy! Using scale transforms to make performant expand-and-collapse effects!… (also 💯 on promoting my stuff) ^AERO

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Remotely playing media from the Web over Chromecast, AirPlay,… is now possible—…6CO…jTr

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If you’re into weird 8 bit era tricks, I recommend “The 8-Bit Guy” YouTube channel: (CC: @DasSurma @codepo8)

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Brilliant tech article that explains how the C64 created “impossible” (at 8 bit) colors:… (via @DasSurma)…

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umaar Accessibility Style Guide for the Web -… - Covers best practices for various site components + includes code examples

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aaranged Since people seem to have found this useful, here’s a clean version of my table of structured data capabilities by data consumer

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