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September 26th, 2017

@MSEdgeDev The screenshot has the relevant data (Win 10 build…). Mayb@kylealdenen@patrickkettnerer (o@erikanavarara—traced…2vJ)

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👋 @MSEdgeDev—I’m trying to get Service Worker…p running on Edge, but the debug background script F12’s

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@Paul_Kinlan Don’t understand all of it. Some sounds like SW backgr. sync & fetch (…) could cater for. Maybe new “use cases” post?

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@Paul_Kinlan @DasSurma Might make sense to scope the problem space narrowly enough to not kill it w/ an overly broad solution space. Do one (few?) thing, but well.

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@stefanjudis Your prev flow reminds me of my hack to use a 🍩 shape for round profile pics in slides when there’s circular image masks.🤦‍♂️

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dsottimano Wow, nice.. @Google is offering a bunch of free stuff on their Cloud platform, even has free cloud functions.

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@tomayac @Paul_Kinlan For your first example (upload from cloud drive), something as simple <input type=file> is integrated w/ >1 services.

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@Paul_Kinlan What use cases do you envision that go beyond what’s possible w/ Web Share API & what will be enabled by Web Share Target API?

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