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September 7th, 2018

ChromiumDev 🙋‍♀️What happens when you type a URL to your browser? What kind of optimization is done for fast navigation?


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In-depth analysis by @tkadlec of how the noscript intervention in Chrome would currently…Qq

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FirefoxNightly [Nightly Blog] Developer Tools support for Web Components in Firefox 63…

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jaffathecake Thanks padStart, you made creating random colours a whole bunch easier.

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The irony of someone sharing how great @lc512k’s talk ( on accessibility…co

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@REFRESHRocks people, if you’re interested in hacking together an interactive video viewer with @AMPhtml and—time…rWi

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Assistant, as in, Assistent, the German loanword.

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And just as we talk about stereotypes and role models… 🤦‍♂…nE@REFRESHRocksks, you might…ct5J

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Interesting talk on gender roles and stereotypes in personal assistents by @xiehan from NPR……El

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ebidel The Reporting API 📬- single API to capture/send all types of browser-generated warnings to a backend……Og

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CodePen “Credit Card Payment Form” by Adam Quinlan…

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