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August 25th, 2010

@Ina, @johnbreslin: @bblfish and me will join you guys later on. Not sure when exactly, but we’re shooting for 8:30ish10

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@diveintomark Duh :-( I had the same issue, however, they replaced it in the last days of the guarantee with a completely new shiny iPhone.

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@juansequeda Trying at least. Not at all sure if it’ll work out. Also submitted t10 poster trackhD only started in Feb ’10.

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Day 2 at @derigalway. Working on a paper (deadline extended to Sept 3), @bblfish () sits vis-à-vis & foosbal#DERI staff

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Re-reading on owl:sameAs in this paper: Inference? Time bomb!

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RT @terraces: @blogtalk 2010 starts tomorrow htp:// - Follow via // Registered last minute :-)

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@johnbreslin (Can’t DM as you don’t follow me) If I need to register, my email is Thanks!

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@johnbreslin Cool. Thanks! I’d be especially interested in the 11:30am & 12:00pm sessions on Webfinger & WebId. How can I get in? Register?

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@johnbreslin I got a tight schedule during my visit, so didn’t register formally. Would it be possible to sneak in informally to say “hi”?

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@gkob +1. Even worse are last flight out to 1st leg, 1st flight out on next day for final leg. Doing this twice soonish… Palermo meeting.

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