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August 30th, 2010

@cramforce Not entirely sure, but from gut feeling I’d say “yes”. Good news is: you can easily test: Let me know. Thx!

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@rtroncy Bon appétit! En fait j’ai avancé aujourd’hui, alors, peut-être on pourrait causer le mercredi. Ça te va? Ou t’es occupé (#SSMS10)?

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@kidehen Ironic ;-) See Guess it’s just diff. Twitter use. Still trying to read every tweet & keep # of follows small.

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You’ll lov@cramforcece’s, a Web Twitter client builtdeJS w/ Twitter’s streaming API (!

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@cramforce Man, HUGE improvements w/! Small layout glitch w/ Chrome: new tweet box uncentered & overflows timeline. Impressive!

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@webr3 +1. It was a hard unfollow. That’s why I hope for others to retweet, Twitter to add filters, or me to deal better w/ info overload…

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@bsletten LOL! So true. Unfollowed him because of that. Still hoping for others to retweet his non-extra-extra tweets, though.

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Seems like having studied at French school #ENSIMAG paid off. My short career was coined by French. Now in contact w/ @rtroncy wrt. #TomsPhD

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@rtroncy Dommage, j’étais pas au courant que #SSMS10 ait lieu :( Je viens de te répondre (très bref). On se cause jeudi? A+, Tom. (Hambourg)

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