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Hamburg, Germany

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February 15th, 2011

.@danja rephrases @stevefaulkner’s / q: Pls explain role of W3C in <blink>continuing</blink> dev of :

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@kendall Yepp. In the center of Hamburg, doing stuff ;-) If you’re interested, ping me: tomac (AT) google [DOT] com.

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Had a neat over-dinner idea for a demo (Making Sense of Microposts, workshop at ). Testing tomorrow. Fun ahead!

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@aharth Interesting! I’ve had discussions w/ @mfhepp wrt. spam in form of invisible triples vs. visible HTML.

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@stilkov Hammer-Post, hab ich auch geliebt. Als Hamburger lohnt sich “Franz Latte” vom selben Autoren. Findet man sich oft wieder :-)

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