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April 7th, 2011

@rtroncy @arnaudbrousseau Sure thing. We can do the poster, and co-operate for the journal. United forces! I guess it’s not that much work.

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Our contribution should’ve been pivoting reader location by trending named entities filtered by time. Accepted as a poster, tho :-|

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Seems like we didn’t succeed in communicating the main contribution of our (rejected) paper (+2, 0, 0, -1). The +2 reviewer got it.

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@cramforce No worries. I’ll raise a pint on you on 13th ;-)

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@cramforce Hmmm, stalking your calendar, you’re also flying on Wed, 13…

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@cramforce Hey, I’ll take the red-eye on April 13 to AMS :-) LH3334, 7am. Back on 14th, LH3339, 8:15pm.

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svrc Atari’s Greatest Hits, free on the iOS. Welp, there goes my weekend.

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@iand Well-known & well-respected :D Fully agree wrt.#RDFJSON not being a trivial task. I’ve joined RDFa WG to work on the API

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