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April 28th, 2011

@bsletten Thanks. We’ll speak again in 6 months + x ;-)

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Committed to writing a book. My condition was having it openly licensed. Editorial said yes. Win! :-)

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kansandhaus Did you miss the event last week at The Times Building? Slides/videos now available:…

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@mamund @algermissen +0.75 to that statement. Do you have a pointer where he said/wrote that? Thanks!

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The in BestBuy’s search results is a perfect use case for the Amazon Checker Chrome extension:

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@portenkirchner s/Lybian/Libyan/g; Unlike Syria => Syrian ;-) Learnt this only the other day myself… Sharing knowledge.

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Top-2 talked-about guys in on : dbp:José_Mourinho, dbp:Sergio_Ramos. Take stats w/ grain of salt. (via

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On in , top-2 topics: Real Madrid (135 for dbp:Real_Madrid_C.F.), Barça (91 for dbp:FC_Barcelona) (via

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All-time most tweeted about named entity on :… (via Twitter Swarm NLP ext.:

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All-time most talked about named entity on :… (via Facebook Swarm NLP ext.:

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