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August 12th, 2011

RT @olyerickson: Is Google+ big enough to handle a #LinkedData - related debate? /via @edd @tomayac

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@olyerickson LOL :-) They call this a stress test…

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RT @edd: Excellent debate on the vs. debate developing on my Google+ right now

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@manusporny Wow. This article seems quite badly researched… I was shaking my head reading it, but finally saw their update w/ your input.

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@kwelle Good luck with that! Same here, except that it’11 instead o11 & that there’s no vacation aprè#ISWC2011

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@wvandolleweerd @RubenVerborgh Fair enough. I guess I’ll change my .gitignore practice. Thanks for the arguments!

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@wvandolleweerd For my main use case (versioning files for papers), I don’t want to see changes in my .gitignore (as it’s static).

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You have to put .gitignore in your .gitignore file. The geek in me likes this.

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@dret Congratulations. Sounds like a great opportunity.

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