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May 9th, 2012

RubenVerborgh My node N3 library now parses blank nodes and numbers.…
Only lists to go, and we have full Turtle compatibility. Yeah!

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Good discussion on vs. : Practicability vs. extensibility. (via @manusporny)

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Work’s on the way to enable by default on . Plugin-less access to cam & mic, yay! (via @beverloo)

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@maximetiran So didn’t I. I guess, though, that we’ve learnt about it via the same source :-)

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RT @jamescowdery: I’m pleased to announce the Artist Gateway… // Wow! Impressive to see in practice!

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@mattroweshow Besides the fact that people that haven’t seen can still download it ;-) For free. But point taken.

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@mattroweshow Sorry, it’s a Google-internal workshop. Should have mentioned this…

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Attending an workshop. Immediate productivity win.

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