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May 31st, 2012

@mattroweshow Still untying brain nodes… There’s a trend in modern English to always replace whom by who. That’s OK. I, for one, fix it ;-)

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@mattroweshow Whom should you follow? [_] He âž¡ “Who” [x] Him âž¡ “Whom”. ;-) Oh, & its private user @zorbageek (strange).

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@mattroweshow Dude, that’s Whom to follow. _You_ should know :-P Who is Alk KoÅ‚cz on Twitter? Only real name mentions…

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@ChristopherBlum Well, there is the Hangouts API. Now get coding ;-) Have to admit, though, that I never saw Minority Report.

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moustaki “Don’t train models on your laptop on down-sampled data and push them to your production pipelines” Alek Kolcz

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Motion detection in pure #JavaScript by @soundstep: Immediate spree of ideas! (indirectly via @telefonicaid)

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Attending @xavigiro’s Viva Voce at #UPC today. Learning from #DocXavi for #TomsPhD PhD defense (far in the future date to be determined :-))

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@rtroncy Yeah, one of my earlier works that honestly I’m no longer proud of. They insist in keeping my name attached to it, though… ;-)

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