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October 22nd, 2013

WikiLiveMon Candidate:… [Edits: 21, Editors: 8, Langs: 1, Stories:…]

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@dianamaynard Any online pointer or paper for slide 66: demo link file///C:/sale/talks/stil2013/Opinions_from_Images.mp4? Thanks!

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@stilkov I blame the “? Nein danke” movement ;-)…. On a more serious note, why b/o ? [citation needed]

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@Burtchen “Congrats” > Thanks! “but: untrusted SSL cert!)” Yeah, I know. Wondering if @UnivLyon1 or @CNRS know?

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@RubenVerborgh @TomDeNies Whatever page I navigate to, the “Oh Yeah” button is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? Bedankt.

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