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October 28th, 2013

@bennyfactor Just filed… (private [why would they make it private?]) with @echofon. Supper annoying bug :-(

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@echofon Just created bug report… b/o shortened URL length calculation issues on the Mac version.

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@edsu I don’t need them in my parser:…. You may be extracting more stuff than I do, though…

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@edsu BTW, when you instantiate the irc object, pass stripColors: true. Saves you some ugly parsing :-)…

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@edsu Yes, but had rolled my own, doing essentially the same w/ some small differences (e.g., I retrieve all lang versions of articles).

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@edsu Feel free to use the API (either my code on GH, or the deployed instance to build awesomeR stuff on top of it.

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@edsu SSE is a pure _pleasure_ to work w/ on the client-side: named & generic events, streaming… It’s not widely known, so evangelizing it.

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JIT for I’ve added bot stats to (bottom) Who’re the bots & what do they edit?

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In the API session at in Berlin today. Listening to @brightbyte & @tobijat present….

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bkeegan “Assessing the Quality of Wikipedia Pages Using Edit Longevity and Contributor Centrality”

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