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October 11th, 2016

The performance improvement of Facebook’s new package manager yarn 📦 in two pics (made w/…).…

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kosamari Hey I made a ✨compiler✨ & wrote about the process in human language and drawings as always💁
Hope it helps someone🙏…

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mathias Facebook releases Yarn — a fast, reliable, and secure alternative npm…7

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DasSurma 📰 📢 Start of a new series (hopefully): How do you read and use web specs? (feat. WebVR)…

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Browser <del>wars</del> <ins>love</ins> ☮️…

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An ode to Vanilla JS:…. Couldn’t agree more, fav. quote: “Polyfills are biodegradable”. (via @Lady_Ada_King @stilkov)

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👌 @digitalocean for the tutorials:…. Halfway through my Virtual Hosts & NGINX setup-blog.tomayac.comk is back.

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Brilliant post by @justmarkup on how to progressively enhance a comment form to eventually support background sync.…

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Migrating my WWW home http:\/\/(?:blog.)?tomayac.(?:com|de)\/.*? from managed hosting to a virtual server w/ HTTPS. Expect interruptions…

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