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October 17th, 2016

Been there, done that. Caught me when putting commands in background as an afterthought (…

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The Washington Post’s Progressive Web App has increased engagement on iOS, despite iOS not supporting PWA features.…

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Speed session at the , @paul_irish and @samccone presenting Lighthouse (…, CLI and Chrome extension).

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polymer Want to build high performance UI for the web🌐 ? @paul_irish & @samccone are here to help 👉…

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Firebase Announcing Cloud Messaging for Web:

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@Miel_vds Yeah, I got excited and couldn’t “view source” this morning. For this kind of use case AppCache still does its job… Enjoy Kobe!

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@ISWC2016 [cmd] + [z]—The Web app uses the deprecated AppCache w/ HTTP 😞…U, not new APIs, but still works 🙂

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polymer Brand new codelabs from the ! 👉

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Firebase coming to Polymer:… &…. Supports Firebase Cloud Messaging as of v0.10. 🔥 ☁️ ✉️

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🎉 embracing the latest (non-Semantic) Web APIs: navigator.serviceworker & window.caches for offline Web apps. Well done @ISWC2016!…

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Heading to London for the 2016 (who else?), looking forward to learning all about @polymer 2.0. 🐦🔍…

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Free ebook “High Performance [Web] Images”… (via @igrigorik) 📚

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rubensworks We now provide a toolset for deploying a @LDFragments server with a single command! Talk to us about it at

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