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May 2nd, 2017

@kdzwinel Call me stupid, but I still don’t see this option. Not in chrome://flags, not in Chrome Dev Tools Experiments. 😐

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@kdzwinel @umaar @ChromeDevTools How do I get the “Product” column? Thanks!

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RT @jaffathecake: 🔝 ES2015 modules are landing in browsers! Here’s the HTML-specific stuff you need to know:

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Although I can’t reproduce it on neither Chrome 59 nor latest Canary, the feature looks super useful for finding performance culprits—@umaar

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Just leaving this statement by @dara_amber about today’s #PWAmunich event :-) 🛒

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RT @addyosmani: ES2015 Modules just landed in Chrome Canary! 🔥 Flip on “Experimental Web Platform features” to give them a spin. Feedback w…

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If you’re into running virtual machines on macOS (and don’t care for Windows), Parallels Desktop Lite is 💍

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