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May 23rd, 2017

The @CommitStrip’s take on dealing with callback hell in JavaScript:…. 😂

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Johnson & Johnson are moving to @AMPhtml, I had the pleasure of working w/ them; thanks for ping,……a

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Small world indeed-@NOtherDevv & I bump together ate, are hit by the same bug in@samsunginternett &@poshaughnessyy connects the ⠡…F

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@poshaughnessy @NOtherDev @samsunginternet …But only
console.log(new URLSearchParams(‘id=1’).get(‘id’));
🐛 Bug: i@samsunginternetet, the ‘?’ is _not_…Fp

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@poshaughnessy @NOtherDev @samsunginternet Found it:
console.log(new URLSearchParams(‘?id=1’).get(‘id’));
console.log(new URLSearchParams(‘id=1’).get(‘id’));
Both print 1 on Chrome…

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@NOtherDev Works for fetch(), and apparently postMessage works w/ Response objects (…), but can’t intercept all reqs.

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@Lady_Ada_King @poshaughnessy Call me stupid, but on the Nexus 5X I only see the Beta, not the Stable version. I swear neither were there (on the 5X) when I checked last.

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@Lady_Ada_King @poshaughnessy Wow, is that new? It wasn’t in the Store when I checked a couple weeks ago. On Nexus 5X: Beta. Pixel: Regular.

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@poshaughnessy @samsunginternet (First and foremost thanks for looking into this. I would just do it myself, if I had a Samsung phone.)

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@poshaughnessy: @NOtherDev says… doesn’t work on @samsunginternet, but I’ve no Samsung to debug. Idea? Context: ⤵️…

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Thanks for the picture, @TKreczmar. Too bad the iPhone was locked, else it would have been a great side-by-side on iOS & Android…nl

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The Twitter Lite PWA forgets draft tweets and lets you upload four pics to then only include one. Known issues, @necolas?

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Very meta moment to see my tweet in the PWA:…. It’s now available offline—accessible from my home

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.@NOtherDev addresses the 🐘 in the room at his talk: (native) app fatigue. You know to the rescue!

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Watching @pistenprinz talk about @trivago’s Design System. Compare the current w/ the screenshot ⤵

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Watching @emilbayes talk on creating & storing secure passwords, all wisdom united in his npm package:….

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@iandevlin Mostly agree, this article explains the motivation quite well, though…. Guess it’s a matter of discipline.

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