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October 6th, 2017

@addyosmani @mathias @domenic With the default behavior if the attribute is missing, boolean, or has an invalid value.

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@addyosmani @mathias 🤔 @domenic writes bikeshedding on the name isn’t productive. FWIW, my pref would be img[decoding=”deferred”] or img[decoding=”blocking”].

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Wow, @alekseykulikov_ has built @____lighthouse as a service: Automated audits for Web apps. 🤖

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While I like the feature, I’m with @mathias in not quite liking the misleading attribute name (“decode” from comments seems a better fit).…

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dannysullivan I’m joining Google to help public better know how search works & help Google better hear public feedback & improve.…

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wesbos 🔥 ResizeObserver is coming to browsers, which means we can have resize events on a per-element basis. (Element queries anyone?!)

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@danbri @rtroncy I think your reviewed subject (the video snippet) could be simply described as…. Sufficient?

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umaar I’ve published a 🆕 free Modern DevTools video lesson! DevTools: A Better Authoring Workflow -… - Hope it’s useful ⭐

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ChromiumDev ❤📔 I really enjoyed the overview of Media Technologies for the Web by W3C at… ^fr

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datao @tomayac I still use as a digest of /.

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saradramirez My favorite part of yesterday:

Male speaker: Is it Miss or Mrs?
Female panelist: It’s Dr

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Happy to be part of the Google Developer Days India 🇮🇳 in Bengaluru () and to be speaking about the future of the Web…Ff

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wesbos 🔥 Async functions can chain a .catch() to catch any errors without a try/catch

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Wow, Slashdot /. is turning 20🎂 today. Honestly never was a big fan, but definitely remember it as one of the earliest sites I checked out.…

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