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October 14th, 2017

yoavweiss Last year I wrote why the “H2 push is only saving 1RTT” argument is misleading at best. Still holds true…

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marcosc @tomayac @kaycebasques @ChromeDevTools @Twitter Yeah, totally. It’s so easy to spot/ban these idiots. @Twitter, get your shit together.

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@marcosc @kaycebasques @ChromeDevTools Yes, one-off. But imagine you’re a ♀️coder and getting this sh1t for Every. Single.Tweet. @Twitter.

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@marcosc @kaycebasques @ChromeDevTools Started reporting a number of the offensive replies. Seems like pretty well coordinated (bot) hate.😢

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@natadimou @JLehmann82 @RubenVerborgh @erikmannens Congratulations Nata, (almost) PhD 👩‍🏫 When is the public defense? Do you share slides?

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