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January 24th, 2018

@rmondello You and your team just blew a couple of minds over at the big G! Massive congratulations on the launch 🍾…AU

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Safari 11.1. This changes everything:…. Massive props to the entire @webkit team. They…GZ

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🤯 Finally a reasonable font loading strategy becomes feasible in Safari.…

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Woohoo, “my” Service Worker bug (…) that I reported to the @webkit team got fixed in the…1w

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TwitterEng We have developed a new ML model to improve smart auto-cropping of images on Twitter. Learn more:…

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Web Packaging (…) is an interesting new content distribution technology for the Web. The…tJ

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MozDevNet 🎉 New compatibility tables are coming to MDN TOMORROW! 🎉
After several months of beta testing our new, clearer (…cu

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The unused variable `e` in

try {
// stuff
} catch (e) {
// no-op

has always bothered me. Luckily there’s…A6

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aemkei JStillery by @WisecWisec is an advanced tool to deobfuscation JavaScript via partial evaluation. Here is a demo…3P

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