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April 11th, 2018

RT @backlon: Web apps are only getting better by @futurepaul. One more point in favor of PWAs — they’re not Electron apps, so they get the…

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@Paul_Kinlan @codepo8, @boyofgreen I checked a number of the PWAs in the store on the Web. The corresponding (judgi…

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From @MicrosoftStore:

“Dear Paul,

We really appreciate you taking the time to make your app ‘Airhorner’ ready for…

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RT @rauschma: You can use object destructuring for arrays (and array-ish objects):

> const {1:year, 2:month} = /^([0-9]{4})-([0-9]{2})/.ex…

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ChromeDevTools Now in Canary: Search for text across all network headers.

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RT @robbearman: Very helpful tips on iOS #PWA workarounds. My study sample,, already covered the state store issue…

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RT @notwaldorf: 🎈 I went to a @csswg meeting and I learnt about the algorithm browsers use to position floating boxes!!! It’s kind of confu…

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WadihMerhy best gif I’ve seen this week

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@tbaldauf Not here. URLs are still meaningful, /status/$id still there.
That being said, if run in full screen, the…

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RT @w3c: With support from @googlechrome @MicrosoftEdge and @mozillafirefox @W3C and @FIDOAlliance FIDO2 Project open a new era of ubiquit…

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Good tips for dealing with iOS’ current limitations when it comes to Progressive Web Apps:….

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