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June 5th, 2018

@addyosmani By the way, s/UIWebView/WKWebView/.
The former is really old and slow, and finally got deprecated for…dR

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@andreban @jeffposnick @addyosmani @JonCarenza @petele For the full iOS and Android Web View overview, check…SQ

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iAlbMedina We are growing our WordPress Developer Relations team. Anyone interested in joining us must go through the DevRel…8d

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@rmondello @jonathandavis input[autocomplete=”one-time-code”] sounds really useful. Are there plans on…KH

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Some interesting new things in Safari 12, among them finally the font-display CSS property as well as <input…0Q

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jeffposnick Chrome 68 will default to fetching a service worker script via the network when checking for updates, bypassing…Yg

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ChromiumDev 📣 Improve the way users install your , listen for the `beforeinstallprompt` event, and add an ‘install’…sa

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DasSurma The incredible people at @glitch are adding integration with @github.

Y.E.S. 💯💯💯

(Blog post includes hot take…u8

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malyw Chrome is adding srcset and imgsizes attributes on <link rel=preload>
needed to instruct the browser to only…91

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firt The only big bug for PWA that seems solved in iOS 12 beta1 is that now without a meta tag you got a white/black…YM

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Apple fixed the Low Power Mode icon bug (broken yellow 🔋) for full screen Progressive Web Apps 👏, but PWAs still…n7

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iAmFabioLacerda The new downtime in DND in iOS 12 beta 1 does not “lock you out” of web/PWA apps. The icons remain “lit”.

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Installed iOS 12 Beta 1. Obligatory Service Worker support update: nothing changed. Results:
- Safari ✅

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