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June 26th, 2018

Interesting performance study by @wikimedia’s @fullstackjerk: despite comparable effective network speed, the used…

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@pietercolpaert @RubenVerborgh @RubenVerborgh Deutsche Telekom StreamOn apparently have an open program where “ever…

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@RubenVerborgh The small print reveals that it’s not the full product. In theory you could tether your data to a bi…

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@shwetank Congratulations on the new gig. Excited to learn what you will work on.

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troyhunt Just blogged: We’re Baking Have I Been Pwned into Firefox and 1Password

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RT @koddsson: Did you know that we at @github open source a lot of our web components? Check ‘em out here

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@kylealden @MSEdgeDev @windowsstore Friendly ping, didn’t receive an email yet. My account with you is my last name…

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@AVM_DE Gotta love the air quotes around ✌️fix✌️. Isn’t this a perfect case for wildcard certificates (…

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Hello @AVM_DE ✋. Can you please fix the certificate used for MyFRITZ! internet access URLs? They have the shape…

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RT @Snowden: The most important surveillance story you will see for years just went online, revealing how @ATT became the internet’s bigges…

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#TIL about the Same Site concept formalized by @mkwst (, not to be confused with the Same O…

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ShawnWildermuth Bathroom SOAP request:

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@Xubuntu Learned about the VDR project ( today and now have HD DVB-C TV 🔺 on @Xubuntu, some…

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