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October 16th, 2018

For whatever reason only learned just now that image/webp support was “stealth-tested” in iOS 10, without…sm

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@_developit Completely unrelated, but yay, trending: 🚔 🇩🇪

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agektmr So happy to find that Instagram PWA implemented the Credential Management API 🤘!

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davatron5000 📝 New post on the “hard costs” of third-party scripts. A list of stuff that might impact your users’ experience…yT

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The core question apart from @trivago’s original question “What’s the point in downloading the app from the store…wg

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ChromeDevTools New in Chrome 71: Store DOM nodes as global variables. Also available from the Console when you right-click an…fm

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Oh, now that RawGit is shutting down, there’s an opportunity for @github to add proper MIME types to their…wK

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nekrtemplar I have no idea what Chrome’s Project Fugu is, but it has some cool PWA APIs listed there and they are Priority 1 (…yL

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slightlylate @Paul_Kinlan @nekrtemplar @owencm Owen and Paul are correct; we’re renewing our investments both in the missing…po

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.@webkit Feature Focus 2018–…Ts. Happy to see IntersectionObserver on the list. 🎉

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