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October 17th, 2018

jeffposnick @tomayac @simevidas @ChrisLove I’ve added some context as to what’s going on at…


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@jeffposnick @simevidas @ChrisLove This is a brilliant write-up 👏!
For runtime caching, couldn’t you make a HEAD…ZT

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Neat trick to use `reduce()` to sequentially resolve Promises:….

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Timing HTTP requests with cURL and Chrome:…. I didn’t know cURL had that fine-grained timing info. ⏳ℹ️

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@simevidas @ChrisLove CC:ing @jeffposnick for visibility. This is a quite ugly bug, though…

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@Rich_Harris Hah, fair enough. I learned about the feature through your tweet.

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@Rich_Harris Might be worth filing bugs for this.

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edwin_de_jongh Built with Microsoft Frontpage

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Rhythm in Web Typography: Better Web Type…. Great article that goes deeply into the subject.

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