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November 9th, 2018

The product in question is @Cloudflare Workers: (no endorsement, just saving you a web…FQ

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csswizardry 📖 What are best network performance practices when it comes to loading CSS? How can we get to Start Render most…5R

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Memorable quote that—while coming from an Android context—also holds for the web: “We often find that products…z21V

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RyanTownsend HTTP/2 doesn’t have cross-resource compression – this is why bundling is still hugely beneficial, despite the…y3qp

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matijagrcic When doing performance profiling most people don’t tend to use a separate clean user profile that ensures that…FS

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@katiehempenius For measuring this, did you use `NetworkInformation.effectiveType` and `…MD

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@hodl_squirrel @ChromiumDev 😂 For a friendlier Twitter for all of us, let’s just call it an “organically grown…ad

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mathias 🔥 New: JSBI, a pure-JavaScript BigInt implementation 🔥
JSBI makes it possible to use spec-compliant BigInt…hN

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