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November 29th, 2018

Gave another guest lecture at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg ( today. This time the stu…

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@paul_irish @gauntface @james2doyle @GoogleChromeDev Could this behavior be changed? While I knew about the hack, i…

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@iandevlin Hey you know what: I frequently get back to those good old HTML5 Doctor articles. Keep writing! There always is an audience!

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RT @__treo: 🔥 A collection of metrics to make a fast website with a focus on a user experience.

⏱️ Is it happening? (Visual)
- First Conte…

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RT @KaiOStech: Ever wonder how an app like @Twitter gets redesigned and optimized for the smart feature phones powered by KaiOS? Get an ins…

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@rowan_m @sw12 @DasSurma LOL, this looks more like a keming issue, though.

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@mikewest @yoavweiss @yoavweiss How do you envision things like user agent freezing ( or ly…

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It was a pleasure and an honor to be on @rick_viscomi’s “State of the Web” show. Thanks for the great questions and…

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